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I thought--no. I remembered.

It really is his fault.

[it's Orion, appearing seemingly out of thin air; there's a square cut out of the red forest behind him, exactly in the shape of a door. beyond it, a blue forest. but it closes quickly enough.

he trudges forward, through the red forest.]

We were almost...we...

We almost made it this time. So close. But...

[his helmet hides his face, but the anguish in his voice is plain enough. he walks faster, nearly running. ahead of him, the place where the captain discarded his jacket comes into view.]

They're all dead and it's his fault. I...I have to...

[he stumbles to a stop at the jacket and reaches out, fingers seemingly touching only air. but a door and panel materialize as he does so. he pauses, however, staring at the panel; the readout flickers and contorts beneath his hand]

What...? What is--[the computer audio is too low to be heard over the network, but whatever it says makes Orion laugh, the sound low and empty] This old game again, huh? Stupid old man.

[he leans down, beginning to speak, but his Sphere feed cuts just as he speaks whatever it is that the computer wants to hear.

the commander is gone, but the access door and panel remain.

it seems the panel is reading out a riddle over and over again, waiting for someone to speak the answer.]

    No, this is not a mistake, folks. This is an INTERACTIVE POST. I will NPC the panel, essentially; have your characters comment ICly to this post, approaching the panel, investigating it, what have you, and try to speak the answer to the riddle. When the correct answer is found I will respond to that comment with the door opening, then freeze comments and proceed to the official plot post in the main comm, which will detail what happens afterward. I will not be responding to comments until later this evening, however, so that players in different timezones have a chance to participate as well. The official plot post may not come until early tomorrow morning, in that case. ;D

    A word of warning, however: wrong answers will have consequences. I won't give away the surprises, but if you don't think you've got it you don't have to answer. ;D A character can try to answer it as many times as they like, either in a new comment or in a reply to their original comment, provided the are in any shape to do so. If you have any questions of how this works or what to do, please PM the mod account or IM me.
Tags: commander orion, interactive post
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